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Empty houses are creepy, sure, but another reason that they’re scary is the potential for the appearance of mold and mildew that, untended, will creep into the building’s interior and diminish its value pretty quickly.

Mold remediation is a major project, and mold damage is an enormous concern for many property owners. So how does this happen in the first place?

When Mold and Mildew Arrives

Many of the worst mold problems we’ve seen happen when a building is empty for any significant period of time. Maybe a tenant has vacated the unit, and no one else has moved in, for one reason or another. Maybe someone has died in a house, and the property is in a holding pattern, waiting for survival thing family members to clean up, empty out and sell or rent.

That can take some time, as we’ve seen. Sometimes, conflicts, either personal or legal, hold things up. Sometimes it’s just an inability to organize. Whatever it is – we implore you – don’t stop monitoring the property regularly!

Regardless of why property neglect happens, as the shut-up house continues to ‘breathe’ naturally, moisture will accumulate, and mold and mildew can start to spread on surfaces.

Now, if someone was watching this every day, they would never let it get that far. But it’s amazing how much can happen when you lock up the house and walk away. You may come back a month later and smell the problem before you even open the door.

Doing Mold Remediation Right

It’s often tempting to lowball on a mold remediation project, asking someone to throw some vinegar or cleaning solution on a compromised surface and be done with it.

Too often, though, that’s not how it works. With any significant interior mold, specific remediation strategies are necessary. Just ask any expert who understands the impact of mold on indoor air quality.

The work of a spore is in some ways an arcane and mystical process, but it’s also scientific reality. Talk to NJM Solutions about what we do to save property owners from some pretty bad situations. Our process is not just a casual fix. A multi-step solution is really effective in solving mold problems. We do testing and advanced analysis. We spot treat, and we deal with the bigger problems that some firms don’t want to touch. Ask us about what state your property is in, and how to get it back to a safe and liveable condition, for rental, resale, or anything else. At NJM Solutions, that’s what we do!