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At NJM Solutions, we are certified for mold inspections in the state of Florida. That’s a big deal because property owners often need qualified, professional assistance with the creeping intrusion of dangerous mold somewhere around a Florida property.

Let’s talk about some of the stages of mold damage and how this works. If you’re experiencing some of these problems, call us and we will help diagnose and remediate your mold problem.

Beginning Signs

Most mold damage starts rather innocently, and so people don’t take warning from the initial signs of this type of property destruction.

Even small amounts of water can generate some mold over time. Excessive moisture in a room or indoor space can allow mold spores to take hold and grow. Sometimes the first warning sign will be the faintest imprint of black mold or other mold across a piece of drywall or other indoor material.

Sometimes you won’t see it at all.

One of the worst kinds of mold damage is when mold quietly grows behind a wall or other façade where no one can see it. You may smell it over time, but then again, you may not.

Significant Mold Damage

Untreated and ignored, the mold will grow and spread. Again, it can create a musty smell or some other sign that your mold problem is increasing. People with respiratory issues may find they get sick more often, or have a harder time handling asthma or some other respiratory problems.

In many cases, this is the stage where people discover the mold. They’ll either see the water damage and uncover the mold that way, or they’ll do a deeper property inspection because of the health concerns.

However, some of the worst problems happen when no one is really actively assessing a property at all. Also, if absentee owners are really uninterested in preserving the property, you’ll get some of the most extreme kinds of mold damage that are really destructive and lead to significant loss of value in a property.

Extreme Mold Problems

Mold problems go from intermediate to extreme in the blink of an eye. For public buildings, the entire building may be quickly shut down. Think of a 100-room hotel where mold started in one room. Instead of fixing it, the managers closed that one room. Next year, they had six rooms closed. The year after that, the property was entirely empty, everyone was laid off, and there was a real estate sign in the front yard.

In terms of a rental home, if the landlord allows mold to get out of control, tenants can maybe get relief for the cost of a hotel from an insurance policy, or from the landlord directly. The building will probably be closed pending some significant repairs.

The bottom line is that we can come in and help. Ask NJM Solutions about how to avoid some of these mold nightmares with a professional mold inspection.